Saturday, September 22, 2012

Favorite Photo This Week

Pool and Lake View
All the elements aligned for us this week. We have had a week of waterfront homes and beautiful weather. What more could a real estate photographer want?  It all culminated in a really cool afternoon at an amazing home on Shreveport's Cross Lake.

Garden StairwayTo say this home is on the lake really doesn't quite get it.  It is on a hill overlooking the lake and a the pool below.  A pool which is accessed via a brick staircase that snakes trough the garden.  This home smacks of 1950s/60s era luxury and parties, which I suppose is why it got my imagination going.  I made something inside me scream for a martini glass and pearls.

Inside, the house itself retains it's phenomenal views with ceiling to floor, wall to wall windows in every room that faces the water from it's hilltop vantage point.  My imagination began to run wild with possibilities and so did Gary's - totally different ideas mind you, but all great ones.  I guess this is why this home is my favorite real estate shoot this week, just so many possibilities.