Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Awesome New Gallery Pages

Since we launched our new Fusion virtual media tours, we have been talking about all the cool features these tours have. Another is the virtual tour gallery. Linked to directly from the banner at the top of the virtual tour window, these new agent tour galleries are extremely cool! The page opens with a map and pins of all the real estate agent's active tours along with thumbnail descriptions of each of the listings.

Each of the pins is clickable for a pop-out view of the property details.

And each of the thumbnails can also be opened to provide a full page display of the home with descriptive text, photos and a map showing the home and surrounding attractions. These tour galleries are great marketing for an agent's listing all by themselves! They are seriously cool and look great. Check out yours by clicking the 'Virtual Tour Gallery' link in the agent info banner at the top of any of your tours. Don't have one yet? Check out a gallery by clicking here!