Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Future of Marketing Real Estate

I have read a number of articles lately discussing predictions on what the real estate market will be like when it corrects. There is an agreement among these articles that the real estate market will be a new ball game and that marketing will make a shift to predominately online media.

With a drive to optimize marketing dollars, the Internet is by far the hands down choice for broad reach with an abundance of information for a small cost. However, not only is economy driving the shift, but the Internet savvy consumer is demanding it. In this modern economy of high demand on individual’s time, and high demand for information on which to base decisions, online information is the option of choice. An ever increasing number of consumers are looking online for information. Print advertising seems to be falling more and more to the roll of pointing the consumer to a website where the desired information can be obtained in the form of quality photos, descriptive text and interactive experiences. This seems to be particularly true of high ticket items, such as real estate, where consumers decide which homes to view in person based on information they have obtained online.

Moving forward, it will become more and more necessary for Realtors to provide quality information in abundance while creating a professional and tech savvy online image. In an arena where so many options are available, it is easy for the consumer to pass by a listing that does not offer an eye catching, professional presentation immediately. Professional virtual tour creation and photography, quality interactive marketing, and effective online syndication are the cornerstones of creating an online campaign that will make your real estate listing stand out from the others. And if the professionals’ predictions about the future of the market are correct, these items will become the standard for real estate marketing in the future.

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