Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nifty Internet Marketing Stuff

Ever suffer from that writer's block where you know where you want to go with the thought, but just can't find the words to get there? Well, that's me today. Ok, that's me pretty often.

My web designer says, 'we need a description for our "About Us" webpage'. I have all these keywords floating in my head...Shreveport, Bossier City, Virtual Tour Company, Internet Marketing Tools, Website Design...need a complete sentence...preferably one that makes sense.

Ok, here it is...Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours provides an array of nifty internet marketing stuff. Ok, needs some work. Fortunately, my brilliant web guy worded it much better, although much less colorfully, I thought.

Feeling that "nifty internet marketing stuff" may need some explanation, I figured a blog was in order. Following is the official definition of 'really nifty internet marketing tools'.

Nifty Internet Marketing Stuff consists of an array of tools designed to promote commercial and residential real estate as well as any property which might benefit from internet marketing exposure. These tools include, but are not limited to virtual tours (360 interactive ones, not slide shows), single property websites, panoramic sign riders (These are different from the riders seen on almost every real estate sign. Check them out.), website design, 3D animated walk-throughs, 3D floors plans, and tour audio narrative. Nifty Internet Marketing Tools should be considered by anyone looking for greater exposure for their property, a new and innovative marketing approach, or a more cost effective marketing plan able to reach a broad audience.

So, there you have it - nifty internet marketing tools. Next time you are curious about exactly what this means or if you think may need some nifty tools to bolster your business or stretch your marketing dollars, give Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours a call. We have an abundance of them and would be glad to discuss what they can do for you.